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Butler County

YQCA - Deadline for Participating in the Butler County 4-H Fair - June 1st at 11:59 PM

Who in Butler County 4-H will be required to be YQCA certified or to attend a meeting?

• 7 Year Olds MUST attend an Instructor-Led Training
• 8-18 Year Olds MUST attend a Instructor-Led Training OR PASS a Web-Based Training.

YQCA is REQUIRED to be Eligible to Exhibit ALL ANIMAL EXHIBITS (Except Horses) at the 2020 Butler County 4-H Fair


What is YQCA?
Youth for the Quality Care of Animals (YQCA) is a national, multi-species quality assurance program for youth ages 8 to 18.  This program promotes food safety, animal well-being and character development. With YQCA, you’ll discover what it takes to be an informed producer, consumer and employee of the agriculture and food industries.

2020 Butler County YQCA Brochure

**Please note that if a class has less than 5 participants, that class may be cancelled.**


Frequently Asked Questions:
• Is YQCA mandatory for all 4-H’ers?  
YQCA is required to show at the Butler County 4-H Fair.  
• Can someone test out of YQCA?
Not currently, but it is a priority of YQCA to address.
• How much does getting certified cost?
The online module certification is $12, and the instructor-led training method of certification is $3.
• Does the YQCA certification ID sync with 4-H online?
Yes, you will sign in using your 4-H Online information.
• I only show horses. Do I need to be YQCA certified?
No. Right now, YQCA, is not required for 4-H Horse Project Members.
• Do 4-H’ers need to update their YQCA certification number each year?
Yes they do. Youth should re-certify around the same time they tested each year.
• Do I need to register before class?
Yes! You must register and pay online before attending an instructor-led class. 7 year olds must rsvp to the Butler County Extension office prior to attending the instructor-led class.

• Does Butler County 4-H get the registration money?
No, all registration money is online and goes to YQCA.