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Butler County

About Us 

Our Mission

"We are dedicated to a safe, sustainable, competitive food and fiber system and to strong, healthy communities, families and youth through integrated research, analysis and education."

Our Work

Our work affects every aspect of life--from ensuring a plentiful, nutritious, safe and acceptable food supply, to promoting a desirable quality of life, to preserving natural resources. “Through science-based programs, we are committed to delivering educational programs and technical information that can enhance the economic viability and quality of life in our community by aiding in improved leadership skills in areas of communication, group dynamics, conflict resolution, issue analysis, and strategic planning.” We address complex and critical problems and deliver our findings in person or by public presentations, demonstrations, publications, computer networks, newspapers, and other media.

Extending Knowledge for Life

Extension "reaches out," extending resources and addressing public needs with university resources through non-formal, non-credit programs. Programs are largely administered through County Extension offices that bring university expertise to the local level. In Kansas, Extension personnel work on the Kansas State University campus and in 105 county offices. Extension programs are designed to meet the needs of the local community.