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Butler County

Records / Awards / Scholarships

Record Books

Personal Page
Permanent Record

Butler Co. 4-H Club Summary

Club Summary Instructions
Club Summary


Achievement Pin Detail and Description 

#1 Membership and #2 Bronze
Pin 1 and 2 Instructions and Guidelines

Pin 1 and 2 

#3 Clover, #4 Emerald, #5 Silver and #6 Silver Guard
Pin 3, 4, 5 and 6 Instructions and Guidelines

Pin 3, 4, 5 and 6 

#7 Leadership, #8 Gold and #9 Gold Guard
Pin 7, 8 and 9 Instructions and Guidelines

Pin 7, 8 and 9 

#10 Year Pin
10 Year Pin Instructions and Guidelines

10 Year Pin 


KAP - Kansas Award Portfolio

           A Permanent Record is Required to be Submitted with a KAP for County Judging.



KAP Instructions 
KAP - Questions and Answers
KAP - Evalutation Form

KAP 7-8 Yr Olds (Word)  (Print)
KAP 9-18 Yr Olds**  (Word) (Print)

**Once you have been selected as a state KAP winner in a project area, you can submit a KAP in that same project area at the County level the following year, however, it will not be judged or considered for any county awards. It will still count towards achievement pins 1-10 and/or scholarship requirements where needed.** For example – if you submitted a KAP in the project area “4-H 101” and was selected a State KAP Winner, the following year, you can still submit your “4-H 101” KAP at the county level, but it will not be judged or considered for any county awards. However, it will count towards achievement pins 1-10, scholarship guideline applications, etc. requirements.


County 4-H Event Scholarship
     Discovery Days, CIA, KYLF, etc.

Event Scholarship Guidelines
Event Scholarship  (Word/Form)

Butler County Special Award Applications and Scholarships for Achievement Celebration

   1)  Special Awards - "I Dare You" Award, Kiwanis 4-H Junior Leader Award,
     Service to Community and 4-H Award and Dr. Johnson 
     Outstanding 4-Her Award.

Special Award Guidelines
Special Award Application (Word)


2) Key Award

                       Key Award Guidelines


    3) Butler County Scholarships - Butler Community College and E.W. Nath

Butler County Scholarship Guidelines
Butler County Scholarship (Word) (Print)


State 4-H Scholarship

2019 Kansas 4-H Scholarship Application 
Youth who should be applying for this scholarship should be in their Senior year in High School or older.