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Gardening in a Challenging Climate

In Kansas we experience a wide range of weather conditions from sub-zero cold to 110 degree heat to flooding and finally drought. This wide range of conditions is unique in many cases to our area and that coupled with our soils can make it difficult to grow gardens or landscapes in Butler County. Throughout the growing season we offer a variety of different classes, articles and videos to help you be successful gardening in a challanging climate.

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One of the most important practices any gardener can do with their landscape or vegetable garden is to utlize mulch. Not only does mulch reduce weeds but it also helps to maintain soil moisture so you water less, keeps the soil cooler during the heat of the summer and helps to feed the soil with organic material. 

Which Mulch is best?

We recommend using an organic mulch in your landscape and flower beds. Mulch doesn't have to be fancy, most any type of chipped would will do, just stay away from mulch containing walnut trees as they have chemicals that surpress plant growth. In a vegetable garden straw, chopped leaves, compost or even grass clippings (not treated with herbicide) are all wonderful mulches to use. Shredded paper or cardboard are also all options of non-plant material mulches that work well in the garden. 

How Much and how do I use mulch correctly?

One of the biggest mistakes in a landscape is not applying mulch correctly, especially around trees. For the best results try to use 3 inches of mulch in the flowerbeds, gardens and around trees. When putting mulch around the trunks of trees try to make a donut shape not a volcano piled up around the trunk of the tree. 



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