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Thaumatophyllum- Tree Philodendron

tree philodendron

This gorgeous plant goes by several common names including split leafed philodendron and Sellom philodendron. These names result in some confusion because there are several plants that have the same common name and the scientific name of this plant has changed in recent years from being in the Philodendron genus to being reclassified in the Taumatophyllum genus. A tree philodendron is an upright evergreen shrub that can grow well over seven feet tall or more in a greenhouse situation however indoors they are limited by the size of the pot that they are grown in. Recently there have been some smaller varieties that have been developed that only grow to a couple feet in height rather than the true tree form they have been historically. They have large glossy, green, lobed leaves with long petioles. Tree philodendrons will tolerate low light for a short period of time but may lose the lobes in the leaves if left in areas of low light for a long time. A native of South America this plant prefers warm temperatures and higher humidity. They prefer bright, indirect light and a moist soil.   This gorgeous plant can easily become too large in a household setting however you can prune it to maintain a size that fits your location. In southern states this plant is grown as an outdoor plant in the landscape.

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