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Snake Plant

collection of snake plants

A tough and forgiving house plant was recently reclassified from the genus Sansevieria and is now in the same family (Draceana) as corn plant and lucky bamboo. There are approximately 70 different species of snake plant that originated in Africa, southern Asia and Madagascar and they come a wide variety of heights, leaf structure, color and shapes. Snake plants can be less than six inches tall or over four feet depending on variety. Some of the most unique varieties include the birds nest type plants that are very low growing (middle plant in photo) and the varieties that have uniquely variegated leaves including “Bantel’s Sensation” and “Sayuri”.This plant is a wonderful option for a beginner looking for an easy to care for plant. They need a well-drained soil and you should only water them when they are dry. The easiest way to kill a snake plant is to overwater it. They grow best in bright indirect light but they tolerate very low light areas they simply grow slower.  If you are looking for a cool plant to fit in any room there is probably a snake plant that will work.

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