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Butler County

Peace Lily

white lily blooming with leaves

These common houseplants are popular because of their beauty and their hardy nature. They have dark green or even variegated leaves and showy white flowers. Peace lilies love well lit areas that are out of direct sunlight and prefer damp well drained soil. I call peace lilies the “divas” because they will clearly let you know if you let them get too dry by drooping dramatically then standing back upright after being watered. If the leaves of your lily get dusty wipe them off with a soft damp cloth or you can stick them in the shower for a nice shower to wash the dust off. They can be propagated in the spring by dividing the plant into smaller pieces and then repotting them into a new pot. Peace lilies are available in many places and are relatively inexpensive. Consider bringing home one of these beauties and letting them brighten your home this winter.


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