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Heartleaf Philodendron

heart shaped leaves

        This evergreen vine is a native of Mexico, Brazil and the West Indies and is known for it’s beautiful heart shaped dark green leaves. Heart-leaf philodendrons are one of the most common and popular species of philodendron sold as a house plant on the market today. This plant grows as a vine that can either trail or climb depending on what type of habitat that you provide it. Individual vines on this plant can reach up to 13’ in length if allowed to grow unchecked. Heart-leaf philodendrons prefer medium light but they will tolerate very low levels of light for a short period of time. It prefers average indoor air temperatures and can tolerate low humidity even though it prefers a more humid and damper environment. There are several different varieties that are available other than the traditional old-fashioned variety including ‘Micans’ with dark green velvety leaves and dark red backs, ‘Brazil’ that has unique green striped variegation and several different variegated varieties that are being developed for the market. If you are looking for a hardy plant that will tolerate a variety of conditions and some neglect I would highly suggest trying one of the varieties of heart-leaf philodendron.

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