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 Grapevine 2017



11-23-2017 / Ashes in Garden, Poinsettias, Winterizing Strawberries, Storing Equipment for Winter

11-16-2017 / Water Landscape Plants, Winterizing Roses, Garden Soil Prep, Why do Houseplants Lose Leaves?

11-9-2017 / Rabbit Protection,Keep Compost Moist, Soil Prep, Late Season Nitrogen, Garden Mums, Draining Hoses & Lines

11-2-2017 / Fall Peonies, Horseradish, Knotweed Control, Why do Houseplants Lose Leaves when Moved Inside?


10-26-2017 / Plant Spring Bulbs, Fall Colors of Trees, Perennial Garden Clean-Up, Caring for Houseplants, Garden Tools

10-19-2017 / Control Lawn Weeds, Late Lawn Seedings, White Grubs, Cool Season Vegetables, Bulb Storage

10-12-2017 / Garden Soil in the Fall, Soil Testing, Clean Up Iris Beds, Pruning Shrubs, Black Walnuts

10-5-2017 / Painted Ladies, Corn Gluten Meal. Turf in the Fall, Last Tomatoes of the Season, Peppers


9-21-2017 / Plant Trees in Fall, Plant Bulbs, Adding Organic Material, Moving Houseplants, Crop Rotation

9-14-2017 / Lawn Seeding, Water Landscape Plants, Harvest Sweet Potatoes, Garden Spiders

9-7-2017 / Storing Apples, Little Barley in Lawns, Blister Beetles, Harvesting and Roasting Seeds


8-31-2017 / Over Seeding, Fall Lawn Seeding, Raking & Core-Aeration, Fall Tomatoes, Dividing Peonies

8-24-2017 / Cool Season Grasses, Lilacs, Dividing Daylilies, Eating Crabapples, Wood Chips as Mulch

8-17-2017 / Fall Lawn Planting, Growing Grass in the Shade, Peonies, Natural Needle Drop

8-10-2017 / Fertilize Strawberries, When to Pick Apples, Harvesting Winter Squash


6-22-2017 / Do Not Over-Fertilize Tomatoes, New Potatoes & Master Gardeners Accepting New Applicants!!!

6-15-2017 / Master Gardener App., Grub Control, Water May be Needed this Summer

6-8-2017 / Deadheading, Rose Rosette, Sidedressing Flowers, Removing Bulbs, Onions & Tomato Cages

6-1-2017 / Too Much Rain, Side Dressing Chart, Oak Galls, Watering Houseplants Vacation, Too Wet to Mow & Potato Beetl


5-23-2017 / Westar Energy, Warm-season Grasses, Cucumber Beetles/Bacterial Wilt & Storm Damage/Garden

5-18-2017 /Mulching Tomatoes, Ants & Peonies, Euonymus Scale, Anthracnose & Straw Bale Gardening

5-11-2017 / Thin Excess Fruit, Cabbage Worms, Ladybird Beetles, Rabbits, Houseplants & Stagger Corn

5-4-2017 / Peach Leaf Curl, Plum Pocket, Blackspot of Roses, Poison Ivy & Rains Trigger Mushrooms


4-27-2017 / European Pine Sawfly, Termites or Ants,Needle Blight on Pines & Field Bindweed Control

4-20-2017 /Herb Program, Fruit Tree Sprays and Rain, Pest Control on Fruit Trees, Fertilizing Cole Crops

4-13-2017 / Herb Program, Round Up, Ash/Lilac Borer, Wild Lilacs, Weeds in Strawberries, Mole

4-5-2017/Getting Healthy w/Herbs,Fertilizing the Home Orchard, Cedar Apple Rust, Henbit/Chickweed


3-30-2017 /Controlling Grassy Sandbur, How Low Should You Go & Timing for Crabgrass Preventers

3-23-2017 / Asparagus Time, Frost Proof Vegetable Plants, Growing Large Onions & Strawberry Planting

3-15-2017 / Rules for Planting Trees, Pruning Workshop, Organic Matter, Managing Turf

3-8-2017 / Time to Plant Potatoes Approaching, Plants Breaking Dormancy Early & Ornamental Grasses 


2-23-2017 / Cure the Itch by Planting Peas, Soil Temperatures, Pruning Deciduous Shrubs & Houseplants

2-16-2017 / Soil Tests, Hanging Baskets Program, Planting Asparagus, Cool-Season Grasses

2-9-2017 / Hanging Basket Program, Pruning Fruit Trees

2-2-2017 / Hort. Programs, Fungus Gnats, Tomato Differences, Poisonous Plants


1-26-2017 / Market Growers Workshop, Conservation Trees, Leaching Houseplants

1-19-2017 / Start Trees Off Right, Bird Feeding, Paw Paw Trees

1-12-2017 / Caddo Sugar Maples, Forcing Paperwhite Bulbs, 2017 Flower and Vegetable Winners