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2024 Grapevine Articles

March has arrived and with it the gardening season is almost here. With spring approaching that means it's almost time to plant asparagus and we should take advantage of warm weather to prepar the bed. The warmer than normal weather conditions it's tempting to be in the lawn however it is still too early to do much as we explore in Spring Lawn Care. Finally last weeks cold temperatures have many worried about their fruit tree blooms. We explore those temperatures and their impact of fruit treess

It's almost time to plant the trusty potato in our gardens this year but first you have to cut the potato and get it ready for planting. Iris leaf spot is a fungal disease the can cause significant damage to iris beds if not controlled. We explore some tips on how to control this disease in your flower beds. If you have houseplants it's important to leach excess salts and fertilizer out of the pots periodically to keep them healthy. Finally it's almost time to transplant those seedlings you started outdoors but first you must get them used to the outdoor weather conditions.

In this week's Grapevine we cover how to treat for a common fungal disease of peach tress in Peach Leaf Curl, cover some tips on how to prune shrubs, talk about how to tell when it's time to plant your vegetables and finally it's time to fertilize spring blooming bulbs for the best display this spring.

Valentine's Day is the biggest holiday for cut flowers in the United States. In this week's Grapevine we talk about how to care for Valentine's Flowers and plants, cover a common issue in Boxwood in Winter Injury and a fun activity to test the microbial activity in your soil with Soil Your Undies.

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