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You Asked It! Newsletters 2019

 This is a monthly newsletter published by the 15th of each month.  News articles are based on questions received, current food safety issues, or information based on the time of year.


Produce Safety Challenges
Kansas Corn Education
Handling a Recalled Food
Insight Summit Conference
What is Muscular Steatosis?
Using Yellow Split Peas
Give Kohlrabi a Taste!
Food Science in Action Competition
Carving Up Ham Facts


Be the MVP of your Super Bowl Party!
Don't Wing It!
Working to Reduce Food Waste
At-Home Safe Food Handling: It's in Your Hands
Could Quinoa be a Fountain of Youth?
Is it Safe to Home Can Ham or other Cured Meat?
National Drug & Alcohol Facts Week®
Got Pain or Inflammation? Eat a Banana!
Making Plant-based Milk
2019 National Festival of Breads


Eating Healthy Can Equal Cost Savings
Farmers Market Publications Updated
Ball® Fair Awards Program Discontinued
At-Home Safe Food Handling
Bread Sculpture Contest Returns!
Egg Safety from Hen to Consumer
National Nutrition Month®
A Potential Vaccine for Celiac Disease
Bioengineered Food Labeling
The ABC's of Health News


Botulism Outbreak in Home-Canned Peas
Preventing Norovirus at Camp
Safe Recipe Style Guide
Cook Chicken Liver Like it's Chicken!
HBA Educator Award
What is Whole Genome Sequencing?
TV Chefs Short on Food Safety
What is C. botulinum?
Start Simple with MyPlate
Recipe Blogs and Food Safety


Winning on Reducing Food Waste
Seasonal and Simple
The Safety of Cooked Rice
What is Bacillus cereus?
USDA Updates Food Product Dating Fact Sheet
Food vs. Supplements
2017 Census of Agriculture
Are Bacteria Lurking in Your Spice Cabinet?
What is Kombucha?
Tools and Tips for Foods Judges


Food Science vs. Food Myths
Ace the Waste!
Pressure Canner Testing
What is the Cloud Point of Cooking Oil?
What is Osmotolerant Yeast?
Mixing Matters
What is the Windowpane Test?
National Festival of Breads
Frying with Hot Air
Have A Plant™


What is Alpha-gal Allergy?
Electric Pressure Cookers Still Not Safe for Canning
What is Hepatitis A?
Food Judging Reminders
ALDI Flour Recall Linked to Eating Raw Dough
What is Aquafaba?
Food Safety for School and Community Gardens
National Festival of Breads - a Recap
Freezing Foods for the Fair
Temporary Food Stand Guidelines


New Director of Food Science Institute
Kansas Agricultural Growth Summit
Kansas Environmental Public Health Tracking
New Canning Starter Kit
New Canner from Presto®
Eating Fish During Pregnancy Advice Updated
Eat Some Nuts! Improve Your Mind!
Shelf Life of Mrs. Wages Mixes
Choosing Edible Flowers
Food Safety at the Fair


Food Tampering is No Joke
2020 Urban Food Systems Symposium
Honey as a Sugar Substitute
Preserving Garlic
September is Food Safety Education Month
Back to School Field Trips
Shopper Cards Help Solve Foodborne Illness
Citric Acid vs. Ascorbic Acid
Liquid vs. Dry Pectin
Food Recall Basics


Washing Poultry Not Worth the Risk
Preserving Fall Tomatoes
Sesame Allergy: A Growing Concern
Are Pumpkin Leaves Edible?
Do Tomatoes Need to Be Peeled Before Canning?
Preserving Venison Safely
Canning Mixed Vegetables
What's in Your Refrigerator?
Choose the Right Jar
Kansas Healthy Food Initiative Grants


Let's Talk Thermometers
Can Two Turkeys Be Roasted in One Oven?
Arsenic and Rice Safety
Food Safety for Holiday Meals
Tricks for Flaky Biscuits
November is National Raisin Bread Month!
Set the Table to Eat Healthy
New Yeast for Bakers
Baking with Sprouted Wheat Flour
Cleaning and Storing Canners


After the Hunt
It's Not the Turkey!
Outsmart Your Cravings!
Health Promotion Materials
Red Spinach Variety Released
Holiday Baking Webinar
What is Huitlacoche?
Food Blogs and Canning Recipes
The Power of Food Colors
Potential Method to Protect Flour