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Butler County

Butler County Extension Council


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How does the Extension Council work?

            • Extension Council is comprised of 4 Program Development Committees (PDCs) 
              • Agriculture, Home Economics (FCS), 4-H & Youth, Community Development
            • Each member is elected for a 2 yr. term & can serve no more than 2 consecutive terms
            • Plan and conduct (with Extension Professionals) the Educational Programs in their respective areas.
            • Elect 9 members of the Council to Serve on the Extension Executive Board

Extension Executive Board

          • Elected to a 1 yr. term (Jan. 1—Dec. 31)
          • Must have at least 1 Member of each PDC
          • Meets monthly to conduct the Council Business
          • Extension Executive Board Duties
          • Transact all business of the Extension Council.
          • In cooperation with the County Director and Director of Extension, select, appoint, fix compensation, and supervise Extension Agents.
          • Approve all account and expenditures of the council. 

Extension Council

 The Extension Council represents the citizens of Butler County, Kansas. They are the “voice” of the community, giving the agents and Extension Director feedback and guidance. They are made up of business people, community leaders, farmers, home makers, teachers, etc, and have an interest in Extension.

4-H & Youth - Penny McNett, Kristine Goossen, Christine Steward, Jessica Cabrales, Noah McLaughlin, Melissa Scribner

Agriculture – Tara Varner, Kyle Nichols, Brent Wehling, Ty Kemp, Les Stalnaker, Jeff Varner

Community Development – Patrick Laham, Larry Doornbos, Becky Walters, Jerry Long, Anna Markley, Oleta McKinney

Family Consumer Sciences – Julie Cleveland, Kristina Willour, Tresa Garcia, April Harter, Shannon Hettenbach, Carolyn Webb

 Executive Board

Chair: Becky Walters           V-Chair: Kyle Nichols
Secretary: Oleta MCKinney       Treasurer: April Harter
Members: Kris Goossen   |   Jessica Cabrales   |   Shannon Hettenbach   |   Jerry Long   |   Tara Varner