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Butler County

Records / Awards / Scholarships

Record Books

Personal Page
Permanent Record

Butler Co. 4-H Club Summary

Club Summary Instructions
Club Summary


Achievement Pin Detail and Description 

#1 Membership and #2 Bronze
Pin 1 and 2 Instructions and Guidelines
Pin 1 and 2 (Pdf) (Word/Form) (Word/Print Only)

#3 Clover, #4 Emerald, #5 Silver and #6 Silver Guard
Pin 3, 4, 5 and 6 Instructions and Guidelines
Pin 3, 4, 5 and 6 (Pdf) (Word/Form) (Word/Print Only) 

#7 Leadership, #8 Gold and #9 Gold Guard
Pin 7, 8 and 9 Instructions and Guidelines
Pin 7, 8 and 9 (Pdf) (Word/Form) (Word/Print Only)

#10 Year Pin
10 Year Pin Instructions and Guidelines
10 Year Pin (Pdf) (Word/Form) (Word/Print Only)


KAP - Kansas Award Portfolio

           A Permanent Record is Required to be Submitted with a KAP for County Judging.



KAP Instructions 
KAP - Questions and Answers
KAP - Evalutation Form

KAP 7-8 Yr Olds (Word)  (Print)
KAP 9-18 Yr Olds  (Word) (Print)

4-H Event Scholarship
     Discovery Days, CIA, KYLF, etc.

Event Scholarship Guidelines
Event Scholarship  (Word/Form)

Butler County Special Award Application
    "I Dare You" Award, Kiwanis 4-H Junior Leader Award,
     Service to Community and 4-H Award and Dr. Johnson 
     Outstanding 4-Her Award.

Special Award Guidelines
Special Award (Word) (Print

Key Award Guidelines
Key Award (Word) (Print)

Butler County Scholarships
     Butler Community College / E. W. Nath 4-H 

Butler County Scholarship Guidelines
Butler County Scholarship (Word) (Print)


State 4-H Scholarship

2018 Kansas 4-H Scholarship Application 
Youth who should be applying for this scholarship should be in their Senior year in High School or older.